Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, gall. 60 contains an extract from the beginning of the Dyalogue copied in north-eastern France in the early 15th c.


Chest livres est appelés li Dyalogues
f. 51r
DPF Prologue: (Prologue)
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Q. n/a

A. Here’s everything you need to know for salvation.

DPF 01: (Introduction to baptism and belief)
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Q. n/a

A. People used to be baptized as adults, but now they’re baptized as infants. Two things are required for salvation: 1) baptism, and 2) faith. Godparents guarantee that their godchildren will believe properly, though they fall short in this today.  When children come of age, they need to have faith in their hearts and demonstrate that faith in word and deed. What do you think about the state of the world?

f. 52r
DPF 02: Why does God say he won't recognize some people on Judgment Day?
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Q. How could an omniscient God fail to recognize people on Judgment Day?

A. You can’t understand Scripture without learning and studying. It uses figurative language. On Judgment Day, God will say to the damned that he doesn’t recognize them because he will treat them as if they were strangers and send them to hell.

f. 52v
DPF 03: Why are you damned for sinning out of ignorance?
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Q. Why does a merciful God condemn those who sin out of ignorance?

M. There are three types of ignorant person: 1) the scornful who refuse to learn (damned); 2) the unfortunate who lack the opportunity to learn (damned); and 3) the insane, who pay penance for Adam’s sin (saved).

f. 53r
DPF 04: Why is there so much suffering in the world?
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Q. Why are there so many trials and tribulations in life? Even nice things lead to suffering. Good people suffer when then wicked prosper. And we constantly fear there’s worse to come, in this world and the next.

A. I’m glad you’re aware of all this adversity. As a result of the Fall, we live in this world like prisoners, unable to understand suffering fully because our cell is so dark. Some people prosper to encourage them to serve God; others as a reward for the good they’ve done before they go to hell. People suffer for 5 reasons: 1) so that God may be glorified when he rescues them; 2) to test them; 3) as a deterrant; 4) as penance; 5) as a foretaste of hell-pains.